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2020 - 2022

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Brand & Video DESIGN​S

Short but fruitful cooperation made us a great team. Brand Design, Packaging, Labels, Promo materials, Banners, Presentations, Videos, Explainers, YouTube page, etc


Pest control

Pulcap – proves that Poultry Red Mite eradication on farms is possible. This product comes as a result of our 19-year experience with the application and distribution of various international products for the suppression of Poultry red mite. As a patented product, it is proving its innovation worldwide. It is a combination of inert oils, a medical-grade, food-grade and cosmetic grade product. Pulcap is sprayed on the cages and in the environment where layers are kept. In addition to 100% mite mortality, Pulcap also significantly stands out as the product which produces long-term effects. It has been used for 3 years on farms with the overall capacity of more than 10 million hens in different parts of Europe and Asia.

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