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    Design Services

    vlmr design offers to you a huge scoop of design skills, and all of them can help your business rise and shine!!!


    Supporting new businesses with fresh and ideal branding solutions, and also helping established businesses with their progress or brand refreshment. Includes engagement with brand naming, vision, strategy, and brand identity; along with logo design, packaging, signage, stationery, business card, website design …


    Providing all types of graphic design: logo, business card, signage, stationery, flyer, brochure, billboard, rollup, print wall, stand, sticker, postcard, invitation card, banner, illustration, menu, magazine, newsletter, package wrap, label, van wrap, photo album …


    Production and maintenance of websites and applications (user interface design / UI design; authoring; user experience design / UX design; and search engine optimization / SEO), supported with web / digital graphic design.


    Includes creations of web graphic design: icons, web banners, web elements, ads, illustration, social media post design, invitations, updates for website content. Can include other digital media and e-Publishing, such as interactive PDF, digital magazine, infographic, presentation…


    Social network management for all business types. Creating and sharing ideas, text lines, photo and video posts, and to inform others about online or real-world activities and events. Using visual interaction as a key part of web marketing.


    Websites, presentations, brochures, flyers.. they all require great writing. We can write, edit or upgrade your copy so you can communicate with your audience or clients on the highest level.


    Involves transforming or altering photos using various methods and techniques to achieve desired results. Retouching, cropping, adding filters, adding or removing elements/objects, changing colors, and other photography manipulations.


    Creating videos for different business and personal purpose, short or long videos, from scratch or with your input material. Using text, recorded video materials, effects, graphics, photos, music… we create titles, logo stings, intro, outro, product promos, advertisement, photo albums, presentations, broadcast…


    We are able to design all types of product, with less or more of your inputs. We will always try to search the market and find the best solution for your product functionality and design. With the use of graphic design skills, vlmr design is able to provide you both product and packaging design.


    Providing all types of 2D vector drawings, from illustrations to technical and architectural plan drawings, orthogonal projection, sections, diagrams, infographics… Making designs / drawings by your demands, or making a digital drawing version from your hand drawings.


    3D drawings and visualization of objects or projects, specifically designed for customers / or by customers instructions. Including all steps from 2D design: modeling, mapping, rendering, and post-production; to final product/project visualization.


    Designing all types of landscape projects, residential and public, from small to large scale. Providing project ideas, hard-scape and soft-scape plans, construction and details drawings, 3d drawings and visualizations.

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